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Heritage Hotels in India

The" Heritage Hotel" concept originated in Rajasthan and has since spread throughout the country. It grew due to several reasons, many property owners who still inhabit their ancestral homes could no longer afford tp mantain these vast properties which in some cases spread over acers and acres of land. So rather than let these properties go to ruin the owners decided to open their doors to visitors by converting them into atmospheric hotels known as Heritage Hotels.

Rajasthan is one state in India which has the maximum number of Heritage Hotels in India.
A stay at one of the Heritage hotels scattered across this state is an unforgettable experience. It is still possible to live like a Prince or Princess in these opulent mansions surrounded by liveried, turbaned, assistants. And as you walk down cool marbeled corridors you can almost hear the whispering of the courtiers..... and tinkling of anklets.

Even, if for a few days you can revisit the past and absorb the richness of this state and experience the hospitality of the property owners you will take back with you a life time of memories.